Animal hospice care: the power of three

Losing one dog is tough, losing three in six month ... can be a doorway into animal hospice care. Allowing a natural end of life for a pet can be challenging in the face of wide-spread beliefs about euthanasia. This story tells Sally's path to experiencing death with a fur friend in the same manner

Animal hospice care: Lola’s story

This is the end of life story of Lola who was diagnosed with a malignant bronchial carcinoma and her human, Jasmina, who provided hospice care for her until natural death. It's about their challenges and the gifts from this experience.

Animal hospice care: Amira’s story

This is the story of Amira, a Leonberger, living out her life and dying at her own pace. It is also the story of how Claudia, her human, provided hospice care for her and what she took from the experience.

The art of listening

Diogenes said that we have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less. How do we listen so that the other - animal or human - truly feels heard and seen?

Training methods

Looking at the origin of animal training methods and the different dog training styles currently used. To punish or not to punish? Explaining how The Trust Technique - though not a training method - enhances the learning environment.