Category: Dog Training

The art of listening

Diogenes said that we have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less. How do we listen so that the other - animal or human - truly feels heard and seen?

Training methods

Looking at the origin of animal training methods and the different dog training styles currently used. To punish or not to punish? Explaining how The Trust Technique - though not a training method - enhances the learning environment.

Mind matters

How to determine what is fair and reasonable to ask of a dog? Once we know, what does it take to succeed in achieving what we have in mind?

Crate training a puppy

Why it matters which method you use to teach your puppy to settle in a crate and how to build a lifelong relationship of trust with your fur baby that boosts their confidence and deepens your connection.

Overcoming fear of thunder and other noise sensitivities

A dog's fear of thunder and other noise sensitivities can severely impact their quality of life. For the humans witnessing such distress can be heart-wrenching, worrisome and frustrating. Is there a way to not only manage the condition but actually help a dog overcome their anxiety?