Animal hospice care: The Star Thrower

This is the story of Old Lady, one of the over 30 million Indian street dogs. How she was loved and cared for after being run over by a car until her peaceful death. How we can make a difference. Not only in a street dog's life, but all animal's life. Especially when their life

Mind matters

How to determine what is fair and reasonable to ask of a dog? Once we know, what does it take to succeed in achieving what we have in mind?

Grieving the loss of a pet: No happy endings?

Death - and any form of loss - is an invitation to pause, reflect, process, integrate and, when the time is right, remerge with a truer version of ourself. And isn't that a happy ending in and of itself? Happy and sad are not mutually exclusive states, our capacity to feel is not a simple

Canine well-being: integrative vet care

"If you only have a hammer you tend to see every problem as a nail," said A. Maslow. Integrative vet care - combining conventional and holistic medicine - requires open minds so that the toolbox contains more than just a hammer.

Animal hospice care: vet support

Animal hospice care is an unknown concept to most vets. If you are considering accompanying the dying process of your pet when they have reached the end of their life, discuss this option with your vet to find out where they stand and if they are interested in educating themselves on the topic to be

Crate training a puppy

Why it matters which method you use to teach your puppy to settle in a crate and how to build a lifelong relationship of trust with your fur baby that boosts their confidence and deepens your connection.

Picture Pawfect

Be inspired by these tips to create sweet, cheeky or funny photos of your dog. Who's the cutest Santa Paws??!