Picture Pawfect

Be inspired by these tips to create sweet, cheeky or funny photos of your dog. Who's the cutest Santa Paws??!

Canine well-being: joint health

Do you know the risks of conventional vet treatments for joint problems in dogs? What other options are there? What can you do to prevent joint issues? How can they be managed and/or rehabilitated?

Animal hospice care: euthanasia

Dying is as much a part of living as being born. Most pets die by euthanasia. Is this because it's always the kindest way or is it just a lack of education that animal hospice care is available, doable and preserves the dignity of the animal? Here is some food for thought on the topic

Overcoming fear of thunder and other noise sensitivities

A dog's fear of thunder and other noise sensitivities can severely impact their quality of life. For the humans witnessing such distress can be heart-wrenching, worrisome and frustrating. Is there a way to not only manage the condition but actually help a dog overcome their anxiety?