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Animal hospice care: the power of three

Losing one dog is tough, losing three in six month ... can be a doorway into animal hospice care. Allowing a natural end of life for a pet can be challenging in the face of wide-spread beliefs about euthanasia. This story tells Sally's path to experiencing death with a fur friend in the same manner

Animal hospice care: Lola’s story

This is the end of life story of Lola who was diagnosed with a malignant bronchial carcinoma and her human, Jasmina, who provided hospice care for her until natural death. It's about their challenges and the gifts from this experience.

Animal hospice care: Amira’s story

This is the story of Amira, a Leonberger, living out her life and dying at her own pace. It is also the story of how Claudia, her human, provided hospice care for her and what she took from the experience.

Grieving the loss of a pet: No happy endings?

Death - and any form of loss - is an invitation to pause, reflect, process, integrate and, when the time is right, remerge with a truer version of ourself. And isn't that a happy ending in and of itself? Happy and sad are not mutually exclusive states, our capacity to feel is not a simple

Animal hospice care: euthanasia

Dying is as much a part of living as being born. Most pets die by euthanasia. Is this because it's always the kindest way or is it just a lack of education that animal hospice care is available, doable and preserves the dignity of the animal? Here is some food for thought on the topic